ScreenGoo Ultra Max & Ultra Max +20

Two exciting new products from Goosystems

First used back in 2012 on the Transformers ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood the Ultra Max and the Ultra Max +20 were large scale special order only colours however as they are being requested more and more due to demanding projects and enviroments we have now added them to our standard product range.

Goosystems Screengoo ultramax

Screen Goo Ultra Max is engineered by Goo Systems for the new/next generation high lumen output projectors. Screen Goo Ultra Max features incredible black levels: images emerge from an inky black background with outstanding color accuracy and uniformity. Ultra Max also makes blending multi-projector images on flat or curved surfaces a much simpler proposition than conventional screens and does so with minimal light spill!

- Dark Grey Finish
- Gain Level of 0.5
- Can be rolled or sprayed
- Use with Max Contrast Base Coat

Screen Goo Ultra Max +20 a High Gain Metallic Grey finish that can be used in bright rooms and still has a very uniform image and very good contrast. Also suitable also for curved applications and hemispheres

- Metallic Grey Finish
- High Gain Level
- Spray only application
- Use with Max Contrast Base Coat

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