Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D

4.2 Gain - For High Gain/High Contrast Commercial and 3D applications

Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D is a specially formulated coating designed to be used in the creation of non-depolarizing viewing surfaces for 3D projection applications. While there are a number of different technologies employed for displaying 3D film and video content, polarized 3D projection is emerging as the favourite of the feature film industry.

The principle of polarized 3D projection is straightforward: two slightly different images, each intended to be seen by one eye only are projected in opposite polarity. The viewer wears a pair of glasses containing two oppositely polarized filters -one for the left and one for the right eye. The oppositely polarized light from each of two projected images can only pass through its corresponding filter, ensuring that only the correct content is seen by each eye.

Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D possesses all of the characteristics required for an ideal polarized 3D projection surface:
- maintains light polarity (linear and circular)
- gain of 4.2 compensates for light loss in polarized projection
- provides excellent black level retention for a crisp, high contrast image

Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D offers significant advantages over competing products:
- any size and shape of viewing surface can be created
- substantial cost savings

To create an Ultra Silver/3D Goo Screen you will need to apply (Spray Only) a Digital Grey Basecoat and an Ultra Silver/3D Topcoat.

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