Large Screen Goo 3D Curved Screens Used at Ferrari World - World's Largest Indoor Theme Park in Abu Dhabi

Ferrariworld ScreenGoo

Ferrari World Theme Park recently opened in Abu Dhabi.

The theme park features an iconic sleek red roof that’s said to be directly inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, spanning 2,152,782 square feet and carrying the largest Ferrari logo ever created

It is home to the “fastest rollercoaster in the world”  which exceeds speeds of 120 mph and is over 200 feet tall. The site includes over 20 rides, including one that shoots visitors through the roof and back down again. Also on site there are fine dining, shopping and several virtual simulators.

The Ferrari Roller coater Ride - Passengers can experience extremes of temperature, moisture and movement

Dive into the deepest oceans, speed across the desert on an Arabian horse or blast through icy caves and up to the mouth of a fiery volcano, all on the chase of `Nello', the star of Speed of Magic, one of the many unique attractions at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi which opened at 7pm on October 27, 2010.

Ferrariworld ScreenGoo
"Nello" drives through forest in his father's Ferrari on 3D Screen Goo presentation of "Speed of Magic" at Ferrari World

This state of the art 4-D ride takes families on an incredible journey into a fantasy world, where they join ‘Nello’, a young, mischievous character who jumps out of a video game and steals the keys to his father’s Ferrari.

“Speed of Magic is possibly the most innovative interpretation of Ferrari in the world. We have put a face to the Ferrari personality, one which both children and adults can relate to,” said Andy Keeling, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Park Manager.

Throughout the ride, passengers can experience extremes of temperature, moisture, light and movement, as they interact with a variety of spectacular environments, adding a fourth dimension to the concave Screen Goo powered 3-D projection screens.

“The 4-D environment in Speed of Magic generates a unique feeling and the ability to add to this by controlling the ambience within the attraction which is one of the most popular inside Ferrari World Abu Dhabi,” Keeling added.

The character of Nello is loosely based on a very colourful personality in Ferrari’s rich history, Tazio Nuvolari, affectionately known as Il Mantovano Volante (The Flying Mantuan). Nuvolari raced for Ferrari in the 1930s, and it is his story that inspired Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to create this exceptional ride.

The Ferrari World ride, one of the most spectacular theme park rides in the world uses seven (7) large curved 3D Screen Goo powered screens, each sized 30 feet high by 55 feet wide and coated by Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D and one (1) 140 inch diagonal Screen Goo High Contrast curved screen. 


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