Goosystems ScreenGoo Colours:

Reference White is our brightest colour and comparable to 'traditional' white screens. It is ideally suited for long projection distances, optimum light return, for the best possible brilliance in well-darkened home theatres with no or very little ambient light, and no or very little unwanted reflections bouncing off walls and ceiling. It is also suitable for very large areas. The paint has a very high reflectivity value. The pure white appearance is extremely suitable for architectural projection surfaces in close proximity to conventional walls. The luminance (gain factor) is about 1.5 to 1.8 compared to normal wall paint.

Contrast Grey Light grey / Off white colour great for home cinema's with lighting control and or a small amount of natural light in the room. 1.2 to 1.4 gain factor

High Contrast is a neutral light grey surface screen. A certain amount of ambient light is absorbed, and black level is visibly improved. Colours appear more saturated and the dimensionality in the screen increases significantly. Another advantage is reduced sensitivity to unwanted reflections off walls and ceiling. This colour has a luminance (gain factor) of about 1.0. to 1.2 compared to regular wall paint. It is suited for most digital projectors with average light output and ensures a true cinematic experience.

Max Contrast results in a neutral grey projection surface, characterized by superior black level and excellent colour accuracy. This isone of our darker tones of Goo Systems and, therefore, is best suited for projectors with a stronger light output, for a more cinematic experience, and for devices that suffer from less than perfect contrast ratio, for example projectors that were designed for presentation in conference rooms. Black level is closer to 'real' black, which means that the relevant scenes will look more realistic and therefore more exciting. The image is perceived as very natural. The special optical particles ensure that the luminance (gain) achieved by this coating are just below 1.0 compared to regular wall paint. Colour fidelity across the visible spectrum remains completely intact. As is typical in all Screen Goo products, dimensionality of the image increases dramatically.

Ultra Max is engineered by Goo Systems for the new/next generation high lumen output projectors. Screen Goo Ultra Max is our darkest grey colour and features incredible black levels: images emerge from an inky black background with outstanding color accuracy and uniformity. Ultra Max also makes blending multi-projector images on flat or curved surfaces a much simpler proposition than conventional screens and does so with minimal light spill. Ultra Max has a Gain of 0.5

+20 A line of newly developed pigments is allowing us at Goo Systems to offer new and more reflective versions of our matte Screen Goo coatings which we're calling +20. Unlike other, compromised strategies for increasing reflectivity: adding pearlescence (causes colour shift), adding gloss (narrows the field of view), these new pigments provide a useful improvement in light return with relatively few artifacts. Learn more about ScreenGoo +20 here


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Goosystems ScreenGoo Pair  

Goo Systems Pair 25 - 500ml Pair

Pair includes a 500ml Finish Coat and a 500ml Reflective Coat

Coverage - 25 sq. feet or 2.33 sq. metres*

Goosystems ScreenGoo Pair  

Goo Systems Pair 50 - 1000ml Pair

Pair includes a 1000ml Finish Coat and a 1000ml Reflective Coat

Coverage - 50 sq. feet or 4.65 sq. metres*

Goosystems ScreenGoo Pair  

Goo Systems Pair 100 - 2000ml Pair

Pair includes a 2000ml Finish Coat and a 2000ml Reflective Coat

Coverage - 100 sq. feet or 9.32 sq. metres*

Goosystems ScreenGoo Pair  

Goo Systems Pair 189 - 3780ml Pair

Pair includes a 3780ml Finish Coat and a 3780ml Reflective Coat

Coverage - 189 sq. feet or 17.56 sq. metres*

Goosystems ScreenGoo Pair  

Goo Systems Pair 800 - 16L Pair

Pair includes a 16L Finish Coat and a 16L Reflective Coat

Coverage - 800 sq. feet or 74.33 sq. metres*


Kits & Complete Projection Screen Surfaces:


Goosystems ScreenGoo Kit Everything you need to make a High Quality Home Theater Screen up to 130" diagonal. Kits include 1000mL each Top and Base coats, 250mL Ultra Black border paint, 4L Paint Tray, Roller Handle with 2 premium Roller Refills, a 2" Foam Applicator, 32"x2" Flock tape, 60'x2" Painter's tape and complete instructions on how to put it all together.

Goosystems Kit  

Goosystems ScreenGoo Kits

Retail Boxed product

Goosystems GooToob The world's first and only Premium Quality Projection Screen DIY (do it yourself) Wallpaper, powered by Screen Goo. GooToob comes in Reference White for theaters under controlled lighting and High Contrast Grey for brighter rooms.

Goosystems GooToob  

Goosystems GooToob Screen Kits

GooToob Tubes contains: GooToob Size: 1600mm x 2845mm
Around 128 inches diagonal (16:9 screen format)
1 x 32 foot x 2" wide roll of Border Flock tape
2 pairs of Cotton Gloves
Screen Adhesive & Installation Manual

Specialist Surfaces
Ultra Max +20 a high gain metallic grey finish that can be used in bright rooms and still has a very uniform image and very high contrast. Also suitable also for curved applications and hemispheres.
Goosystems Ultra Silver Pair  

Goo Systems Ultra Max +20

Pair includes a UltraMax +20 Finish Coat and a Max Contrast Reflective Coat

Goosystems Ultra Silver 3D is high gain product. It is a highly reflective, non-depolarizing projection surface offering unmatched performance in polarity-based 3D projection systems. Luminace (gain factor) at direct angle is approximately 3 - 3.5 in comparison to regular wall paint. As with all high gain products, the viewing angle is limited, but at 45 degrees it is wider than with other 3D screens. Color accuracy of all silver screens is slightly lower than with our regular products, as these are perfectly true-to-color. Typical usage for Ultra Silver 3D is not primarily for home-cinema, but also for commercial presentation, for example in advertising, in airports, trade shows, and of course for technical applications that require passive stereo 3D projection.

Please note that to create an Ultra Silver/3D Goo Screen you will need to apply (Spray Only) a Max Contrast Basecoat and an Ultra Silver 3D Topcoat.

Goosystems Ultra Silver Pair  

Goo Systems Ultra Silver 3D Pair

Pair includes a Ultra Silver 3D Finish Coat and a Max Contrast Reflective Coat

Goosystems Rear Projection This spectacular color is used to transform transparent substrates like glass, thin fabric or Plexiglas® into a high-performance rear projection screens. The result can be used to display an image on both sides. It is superior to most pre-fabricated rear projecting screens at a fraction fo the cost. (Please note that this product is spray-only, it cannot be rolled.)
Goosystems Rear Projection   Goo Systems Rear Projection

Size Options - 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3780ml, 16L


Goo Systems Single Basecoats (Reflective Coats)

Single Reflective coats in 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3780ml and 16L sizes
in all of our front projection colours


Goo Systems Single Topcoats (Finish Coats)

Single Finish coats in 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3780ml and 16L sizes
in all of our front projection colours

Goosystems Accessories
Goosystems Flok Tape


Self Adhesive Black Flock Tape

A crushed pile velvet flock tape with a self-adhesive backing which will give your screen a professional border which also helps kills light over spill! (To view a screen with our Flock surround please click here)

Goosystems Ultra Black  

Goosystems Ultra Black

Ultra black is a specially formulated black paint boarder material, helps reduce light over spill, Great if you require a thicker boarder than our flock tapes

Goosystems Flow Release  

Goosystems Flow Release

Flow release is used for large screens and or in hot enviroments for slowing down Goo's drying time

Flow Release 60ml £8 Buy Now

Goosystems Roller  

Goosystems Roller with Handle

This roller and handle are designed for use with any of Goo Systems` Screen Goo products. Two rollers are recommended for each Screen Goo project

Goosystems Pair 120  

Goosystems 120ml Product Samples

120ml pots of our popular Goo products, Can be used for samples or for a small area or even tiny screens for mobile LED projectors, the choice is yours!


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